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EGL and Subversion

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Attached to his post is a .PDF document that illustrates how to use Subversion (SVN), which is a version control tool that has been integrated with “Rational Developer for i” (RDi) so that EGL project source can be safe guarded.

The document presents three main topics the first of which covers the installation of Tortoise, a graphical application that provides tools to be used by Subversion administrators to manipulate source code repositories. The tool is not often used once a repository has been created. Although Tortoise is intended for use only by administrators, the topic showing installation and use is presented as background information and for reference purposes. For this reason the developer can skip this topic if they choose. The topics that follow are intended for developers.

After RDi has been installed on the developer’s machine, the document’s second topic shows how to install a plug-in for RDi so that it sees the source code repository. Once installed, the third topic presented provides the ability to enroll projects into the SVN repository, commit changes and manage conflicts with other developers.

Rather than create a somewhat long web-page chock full of images to upload the document can be downloaded by clicking this link.

On some browsers the download may not present the first page. If this occurs simply scroll down using the mouse’s scroll wheel and the first page should appear.

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July 6, 2012 at 6:54 am

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